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Dr. rer. nat. Nadine Schwierz


 Curriculum Vitae

from 03/2012

Development Engineer at TWT GmbH Science and Innovation


Postdoctoral Research at the Freie Universität Berlin

2008 - 2011

Doctoral Thesis at the TU Munich
Supervisor: Prof. Roland Netz, now Freie Universität Berlin

2007 -  2008

Diploma Thesis in the Group of Prof. Dr. P. Nielaba
at the Universität Konstanz

Topic of Diploma Thesis: Computer Simulations for Structural Analysis
in Model Colloids


Practical Semester of Physics at the Florida State University Tallahassee,
Florida, USA 

2002 - 2007

Studies of Physics at the Universität Konstan


Ions and Peptides at Interfaces: From Ion-specificity to Bioadhesion
Dissertation, TU Munich (2011) Thesis...


N. Schwierz and P. Nielaba:
"Colloidal systems in three-dimensional microchannels: Lattice control via channel width and external force"
Phys. Rev. E 82, 031401 (2010)

N. Schwierz, D. Horinek, and R. R. Netz:
"Reversed Anionic Hofmeister Series: The Interplay of Surface Charge and Surface Polarity"
Langmuir, 26, 7370 (2010)

W. Kunz (Editor), J. Dzubiella, M. Fyta, D. Horinek, I. Kalcher, R. R. Netz, N. Schwierz:

"Specific Ion Effects in Nature and Technology, Ion-Specificity: From Solvation Thermodynamics to Molecular Simulations and Back"
World Scientific Publishing (2009)