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Dr. rer. nat. Julia Schmitz

Curriculum Vitae

since 2008

Patent attorney candidate at Ter Meer

2005 - 2008

Doctoral Thesis in Physics at the LMU München

Supervisor: Prof. Hermann Gaub

1999 - 2005

Diploma in Physics, LMU München

Title of diploma thesis: Force Spectroscopy on Human T-Lymphocytes

2001 - 2002

Studies of  Physics, Université de Paris XI Orsa


Cell adhesion mediated by the integrin vla4
Dissertation, LMU Munich (2008) Thesis...


R. Alon, S. W. Feigelson, E. Manevich, D. M. Rose, J. Schmitz, D. R. Overby, E. Winter, V. Grabovsky, V. Shinder, B. D. Matthews, M. Sokolovsky-Eisenberg, D. E. Ingber, M. Benoit, and M. H. Ginsberg:
Alpha4beta1-dependent adhesion strengthening under mechanical strain is regulated by paxillin association with the alpha4- cytoplasmic domain
J. Cell. Biol. 171(6):1073-1084 (2005).