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Origins of pattern formation in cell biology: high resolution structural and mechanical studies on motor proteins

Project: The Department of Cellular Physiology in cooperation with the Opens external link in new windowSFB 863: Forces in Biomolecular Systems (Technical University and Ludwig Maximilians University Munich) invites applications for 2 PhD Studentships for students with an interest in interdisciplinary research in molecular biophysics. The emphasis of the projects is on
(i) single-molecule microscopy
(ii) electron microscopy and image processing methods, and
(iii) super-resolution microscopy
to investigate collective effects (pattern formation by myosin motors) in collaboration with the LMU Department of Theoretical Physics (Prof. Erwin Frey).

Our group is interested in the role of motor proteins in membrane trafficking and other forms of cell motility, structure and pattern formation. We use a variety of approaches ranging from molecular biology, biochemistry and cell biology to high-end biophysical techniques.
The SFB 863: Forces in Biomolecular Systems in Munich brings together internationally leading research groups in the area of single-molecule biophysics and modelling. Our Department has recently moved to theOpens external link in new window Biomedical Research Centre BMC of the LMU Munich in Martinsried; the Department of Cellular Physiology is a member of the Centre for NanoScience Munich (CeNS).

Requirements: Candidates should have a background in physics, biophysics, chemistry, biochemistry or biology (Masters, Bachelor) and basic biophysical laboratory skills.

Group: Prof. Dr. Claudia Veigel, Medical Faculty, LMU Munich  www.cell.physiol.med.uni-muenchen.de