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Single Molecule Studies of Myosin Lipid Interactions

Project: Myosin motor proteins perform a variety of tasks ranging from muscle contraction to intracellular trafficking. In order to understand their specific functions in the cell, in vitro model systems need to be established at the single molecule level. The aim of this PhD thesis is to investigate the interaction of
myosin motors with lipid membranes.

The following techniques will be used:
· Single molecule imaging
· Single molecule mechanical studies using optical tweezers
· Fluorescence microscopy techniques including confocal, TIRF, FRAP, STORM
· Molecular biology and biochemical techniques

The work on this PhD thesis can begin immediately.
Our research group comprises young group leaders, postdocs, PhD and Masters students from physics, chemical engineering and biochemistry. In collaboration with the LMU Faculties of Physics and Chemistry we are looking for talented and motivated PhD students.

Requirements: The applicant should hold a masters (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry or biology/biophysics. Previous experience, e.g. through a masters project, in single molecule biophysics is an advantage.

Group: Prof. Claudia Veigel, Department of Cellular Physiology, LMU München

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