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PhD or PostDoc Position: DNA nanotechnology, single-molecule spectroscopy and single-molecule biochemistry

Project: We are building up our new lab with a focus on singlemolecule methods and DNA nanotechnology. In this context, we are looking for talented and motivated researcher on all levels and with diverse qualifications eager to work in a truly interdisciplinary environment. Projects are related to new nanotechnological devices using DNA as a material. Applications include molecular force sensors, biosensing by fluorescence amplification, and fast spectroscopy of energy transfer processes in hybrid nanostructures. Our important methods are single-molecule fluorescence spectroscopy, superresolution microscopy and atomic force microscopy. We also have fully equipped biochem labs. Several EU-, BMBF- and DFG-funded projects are available.

Requirements: Candidates with a master's or PhD degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, biology or similar fields are invited to apply. The successful candidate for this position will work in the field single-molecule spectroscopy, biochemistry and/or DNA nanotechnology to develop new methods and tools. Background in one of these fields is highly advantageous. He or she will be embedded in the Center for Nanoscience graduate program.

The contract will initially be for 3 years with the possibility for further extension.

Prof. Tinnefeld's webpage: Opens external link in new windowhttps://tinnefeld.cup.uni-muenchen.de/