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PhD Position – Forces involved in membrane sculpting, and their generation by natural and synthetic nanomachines

A PhD position in the field of biophysics will be available from mid 2014 on.

Project: The research focus is on experimental biophysics, with the scope of designing minimal model systems for fundamental cellular phenomena in the framework of Bottom-Up Synthetic Biology. The scope of the project is to quantitatively understand what forces are required to bend, bud and generally transform cellular membranes, and how these forces can be exerted or regulated by proteins or synthetic nanomachines based on DNA origami. The project potentially involves the design and setup of a force-sensing instrument based on optical or magnetic tweezers, and/or the design and characterization of DNA origami structures for membrane binding and deformation through self-assembly into higher order structures (cages).

Requirements: The applicant should hold a master (or equivalent) in physics, physical chemistry, nanotechnology, or related quantitative subjects.

Start of PhD: after July 2014

Group: Prof. Petra Schwille, Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, Munich

Prof. Schwille's website