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PhD / Postdoc position in Perovskites and x-ray diffraction

Project: The goal is to study structural and dynamical properties of perovskite crystals. Perovskite nanocrystals show very interesting optical properties distinct from bulk samples; we develop high energy x-ray techniques to quantify size and crystallinity in complex environment such as porous Si. Now we want to extend these studies also to dynamic properties, i.e. phonons. For this purpose, high energy x-ray scattering experiments will be conducted to access thermal diffuse scattering. Complementary inelastic neutron experiments will be performed to study phonon dispersion. These experiments are essential in order to understand the impact of phonons on the charge transport, as well as heat conductance.

Requirements: We are looking for majors from physics with excellent knowledge in optics and solid state physics. A strong enthusiasm for x-ray techniques and semiconductor physics and is required in order to achieve the scientific goals. The x-ray experiments involves basic scientific programming skills for modelling, e.g. Python, as well as remote control of hardware, in particular positioning systems and detectors, by commercial software for a Linux platform. Good communication skills, especially fluent English, are needed to organize measurement campaigns. Experiments at synchrotron x-ray facilities need to be well prepared experiments, therefor a high degree of organizational is needed. For PostDoc applicants, we expect a convincing publication record from the PhD.

Group: Nickel Research Group, Faculty of Physics and Center for NanoScience, Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU)

PhD: TV-ÖD E13 75% for three years (two years plus extension)
PostDoc: TV-ÖD E13 100% for 18 month, with possibility of extension by matching fellowships