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PhD Position – Coherent properties of coupled quantum dots

We offer one exciting experimental PhD project in the field of nanoelectronics related to quantum information processing and mesoscopic systems at ultra‐low temperatures.

Project: You will measure the coherent properties of spin and charge degrees of freedom of single electrons confined in coupled quantum dots. The quantum circuit containing two or three coupled quantum dots will be laterally defined in GaAs‐ or silicon‐based heterostructures. You will explore various techniques to manipulate and characterize the coherent properties of these quantum bits including their coupling to the dephasing environment. You will explore the possibilities to further cool the quantum dots and thereby measure their temperature. Most of your measurements will be performed in our lab in Munich but some experiments might be performed in a micro-Kelvin cryostat in Lancaster, UK, whithin an existing collaboration. We are looking for a PhD student starting as soon as possible to carry on the research embedded in an ongoing project.

Requirements: Are you enthusiastic about a fundamental understanding of nanoscale electronic quantum circuits? Are you thrilled by solving the complex puzzles of interacting nanoscale solid state systems at nonequilibrium? Are you interested in fabricating your own nanostructures in our cleanroom facilities? Would you like to perform challenging experiments at ultra‐low temperatures in a complex lab environment? If all these questions excite you, you are a strong team player and you already have a solid background in basic quantum mechanics and solid state physics, you might enjoy working in our group and should apply for a personal interview.

Group: Dr. Stefan Ludwig, Department of Physics, LMU Munich

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