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PostDoc Position - A semi-synthetic hydrogel that mimics native mucus

Project: Biological hydrogels constitute a class of materials with astounding properties. Of particular interest in medicine are the properties of mucus gels which combine well-tuned viscoelastic properties with anti-viral and anti-bacterial activities. Our group aims at either harnessing the outstanding properties of biological hydrogels for technical or medical applications, or at creating biomimetic materials.

In your project, you will team up with organic chemists to create a semi-synthetic polymer system that mimics certain aspects of native mucus, i.e. it is supposed to possess anti-viral/anti-bacterial properties and should have appropriate viscoelastic properties so it can be used as a wound dressing. Those properties of the semi-synthetic gel system will be verified by a combination of rheological, optical and cell-culture methods. This project is well-integrated into the interdisciplinary research environment of Munich via the Center for Nanoscience Munich (CeNS) and the Collaborative Research Center SFB 1032.

Requirements: We are looking for an enthusiastic and creative researcher who has completed a PhD in either biophysics, biochemistry, pharmaceutical science, cell biology or a related field. Profound experience with experimental lab work is required.

Group: Prof. Oliver Lieleg, Department of Physics, TU Munich

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