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PhD position: Self-assembled light harvesting devices

Project: Recently, we demonstrated that cyanine dyes positioned in close proximity on a template self-organize into stacked dimers (H- aggregates) that exhibit pronounced additional absorption bands compared to that of the individual units. With the goal to mimic the antenna complexes of photosynthetic cells and to gain understanding of the dye – dye interactions in such complexes, dye molecules will be arranged in complex geometries with nanoscale precision. The near-field interactions of the various geometries and the spatial proximity of the dyes will lead to new overlapping electron orbitals and thus to the creation of designer energy landscapes.


Requirements: The candidate is expected to have a strong background in physics or chemistry. Experience in optics, spectroscopy and / or dye chemistry will be extremely beneficial.

Position/Salary:  TV-ÖD E13 75%, project duration: initially 3 years

Group: Prof. Tim Liedl, Molecular Self-Assembly and Nanoengineering, Physics Department, LMU Munich

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