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Using Advanced Fluorescence Methods to investigate the Assembly and Maturation of HIV


Project:  In my group, we have expertise in a number of advanced fluorescence technologies and utilize these to investigate various biological processes. One area of research is investigating the assembly of HIV. Using a combination of total-internal-reflection fluorescence microscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Microscopy, we are investigating the maturation of the HI virion and when it occurs with respect to the assembly process. We have engineered a HIV-gag construct that contains a fluorescent marker whose fluorescence lifetime is sensitive to the protein packing. Hence, upon maturation, we expect to observe a shift in the fluorescence lifetime of the HIV particle. The project involves calibrating the lifetime shift using DNA origami and performing live-cell measurements where the assembly and maturation processes can be measured in real time. The viral constructs we use have been mutated to ensure they are no longer hazardous.


Requirements: Our research is at the intersection of physics, chemistry and biology. Hence, a background in Physics or Physical Chemistry with experience in optics, computer programming and/or biophysics would be advantageous. Alternatively, a background in Biology with experience in microscopy or virology would also be possible.

Group: Prof. Don Lamb, Department of Chemistry, LMU Munich

Link to Prof. Lamb`s webpage: www.cup.uni-muenchen.de/pc/lamb/