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PhD Position – Nanotribology of Biomaterials

Project: In our group we use and develop methods to investigate adhesion, friction and lubrication of biomaterials on the nanoscale. In this PhD project, you will investigate the mechanical behavior of native cartilage and cartilage substitutes over many length, time and force scales to understand how nature achieved the extraordinary tribological properties of cartilage. You will learn how to prepare cartilage (mainly from the knee joint of lamb) for nanotribology measurements. The focus will be on atomic force microscopy-based adhesion and friction measurements, which will be supplemented by fluorescence measurements. You will work hand in hand with researchers from the group of Prof. Lieleg (next door), who investigate cartilage properties on the micro-scale. The project is at the boundary between physics, chemistry, engineering and biology.

Requirements: The applicant should hold a master’s degree (or equivalent) in physics, chemistry, biochemistry, or a similar discipline, have a proven track record of academic excellence, and be highly motivated to work in an international and interdisciplinary team.

Group: Prof. Thosten Hugel, Department of Physics, TU Munich

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