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Plastic Electronics: A Molecular Vision

Donal D.C. Bradley
Lee-Lucas Professor of Experimental Physics and Head of Department,
The Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London


A Molecular Vision Plastic Electronics research focuses on the design, synthesis, characterization, fundamental understanding and application of organic semiconductors. It is an exquisitely interdisciplinary field and one in which interaction with industry is natural and mutually beneficial. Much progress has been made towards applications, especially in relation to displays, but much more is needed in order to close the gap between current reality and the eagerly anticipated potential of this class of materials. In this talk I will present a brief overview of the Imperial College London programme including work that addresses potential applications in solar energy conversion, solid-state lighting and photodetection/imaging systems. I will then focus on some recent results relating to structural influences on optoelectronic properties. In particular I will report on the simultaneous optimisation of charge carrier mobility and luminescent emission, a materials combination that is desirable in fast switching LEDs for communications, in light emitting FETs, and in order to make progress towards laser diodes.